LFC 36 Event Results

Legacy Fighting Championship 36 is in the books and we have all the results for you right here.

(shown in order that they aired on TV)

Norma Rueda Center defeated Michelle Nicolini – this fight went a full 3 rounds and Center won by unanimous decision.

Clint Roberts won over Lenny Lovato in the first round via TKO.

Jordan Espinosa defeated Rafael de Freitas by unanimous decision after 3 rounds.

Donald Sanchez wins over Charles Cheeks – unanimous decision

Damacio Page defeated Brian Hall by KO in the first round (new Flyweight Champion)

Cody East won over Vernon Lewis via TKO in the first round (new Heavyweight Champion)

The following matches were not on the TV broadcast:

Miguel Delgado defeated Robby Kelly via unanimous decision.

Slade Ring defeated Adrian Lopez via submission in round 1.

Dominic Chavez defeated Sean Jeantete via submission in round 1.

Legacy Fighting Championship 36 is Tonight!

Legacy Fighting Championship 36 posterLFC 36 happens tonight (October 17, 2014) at 8PM from theĀ Route 66 Casino in Albuquerque,NM! Here’s a rundown of the card:

  • Cody East vs. Vernon Lewis
  • Damacio Page vs. Brian Hall
  • Donald Sanchez vs. Charles Cheeks
  • Rafael De Freitas vs. Jordan Espinosa
  • Clint Roberts vs. Lenny Lovato
  • Michelle Nicolini vs. Norma Rueda Center

Preliminary bouts (start at 7:30PM):

  • Jesse Tafoya vs. Slade Ring
  • Miguel Delgado vs. Hunter Tower
  • Ian Velasquez vs. Sean Jeantete

It’s not too late to get tickets! Click here to checkĀ out what’s available.

If you can’t make it there live, you can watch on AXS TV. Not sure if you get that channel? Find AXS TV here.


Be sure to check back here after the event for all the happenings and recaps of the event.